Planning & Consultancy Packages

Here at Natasha McKenzie Weddings we offer a range of affordable

wedding planning and consultation services to suit couples at different stages of their wedding journey. For many, the joy of getting married is a once in a life time occasion therefore lots of couples fully immerse themselves in the planning processes of their wedding to enjoy the journey in it's entirety.


However, planning a wedding does not come without its stresses and strains and for some

this can be just a little too much to cope with alongside modern day demands of

juggling work, family and a busy lifestyle.

As a result of this, the demand for wedding planners is on the increase. We have a pick and mix of services to suit different stages of the planning process, so whether you want a little help or a lot of help....we have it covered!

The services are designed to alleviate any wedding related stress you may be feeling in the run up to your special day, ensuring that the build up to your wedding is with anticipated excitement and to make sure your day goes off without a hitch!